Student Services (Academic Year 2017 – 2018)


All new students attend an orientation session before formal classes begin. Traditionally, this is held a few days before College opens. It is designed to acquaint students with the policies of the College, as well as encourage a pleasant atmosphere where students, faculty, and staff meet for the first time.


Since at this time we are a relatively small college, most of the advisement is carried out by the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, the Admissions and Judaic Studies Program Coordinator, and faculty. Academic help is provided through peer tutoring. Outside tutors will be recommended when necessary, and remediation help is available by instructors and various online resources.

A referral list of available student support provided by various community social and health service agencies is available at the schools administrative office. Students are provided with the information as to where they can access these services, as needed.

The Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs guides Elyon students to fulfill their requirements and, if qualified, accelerate their progress toward graduation by ensuring they take the appropriate courses from colleges such as Excelsior College or other certified online courses or proficiency exams whose credits can be transferred into Elyon College. The Associate Dean may also guide the students in their selection of courses required for the attaining of a Baccalaureate Degree. The administration is committed to helping those students who wish to accelerate through the Elyon College degree program and to the students’ timely achievement of their academic and vocational goals.

Students who encounter academic difficulties and/or have a pattern of unexcused absences are required to meet with the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs. They will discuss ways to improve the situation and agree on a specific academic plan of action, which the student will follow in order to attain or return to good academic standing.

Library and Computer Lab with Internet Connectivity

Elyon College Library and Computer Lab offer a wide array of services, reflecting its academic setting and current curricula, to Elyon College students, faculty and staff. Our library print collection consists of about two thousand books. Most of these books are in the circulation area and are available for borrowing. Reference books provide helpful information on general and specific topics. The Elyon College community has access to electronic resources; both scholarly articles and full-text books are available. Reference service is also available for students in their research projects.

A complete copy of the Copyright policy is available in the catalog or at: and is posted in the library, the main office and the computer lab.

Placement Assistance Service

Elyon College was founded on the principle of assisting students in seeking meaningful employment upon program completion. To that end, Elyon College employs an assistant for placement and outreach dedicated to offering students, graduates and alumni career development services. While placement cannot be guaranteed, every effort will be made to assist our graduates in finding employment.

Through a career development seminar offered at the College, students learn to develop job strategies, set career goals, write resumes, acquire interviewing skills and secure job referrals. They also learn to prepare and present themselves for business.

The ultimate responsibility for placement, however, falls upon the student themselves. Their own efforts are necessary for the College’s assistance to be effective. This includes preparation of draft resumes, availability for orientations and job-referrals, and students own job-seeking efforts.

Community Service/Work Practicum

The purpose of the community service/work practicum is to instill communal responsibility in the students and promote a sense of the workplace.

The community service portion consist of volunteering in community organizations or associations in order to engage in human service activities that will enhance and improve other peoples lives.

The work practicum portion consists of participation in education workshops, observations and critique of classroom lessons, and delivering a well-organized, well-thought out lesson to his/her peers. This gives students a chance to hone their communication and organizational skills and to have practical first-hand experience in a real world setting.

The Judaic Studies AS Degree (for Education and Leadership) requires a non-paid, non-graded, noncredit-bearing community service/work practicum totaling 30 hours. The students may divide their time between community service in an appropriate organization or association and a work practicum and observation in an educational setting.

The Accounting and Business Technology AAS Degree students are required to complete a 30- hour community service practicum.

Students are permitted to fulfill their 30 hour requirement by opting to divide their time either by in one or both of he affore mentioned options.

Students are permitted to fulfill their community service throughout the duration of the time that they are enrolled at Elyon College and can do so concurrently with their program coursework.

However, the work practicum is generally completed toward the end of the academic program. To fulfill this requirement students will have to do a total of 30 hours of community service/work practicum in addition to their regulare studies.

The practicum is non-paid, non-graded, and non-credit bearing.

Rentals of Textbooks and Calculators

Elyon College provides students with the opportunity to rent textbooks and graphing calculators. The fee to rent a textbook is $40; the fee to rent a calculator is $50. If a student returns the textbook or the calculator in a good usable condition half the rental fee is returned to the student. The determination of the good usable condition of the returned items is at the college’s sole discretion.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities consist of holiday celebrations such as Chanuka and Purim parties, weekend retreats, and school trips. Also, in the past two years, our students participated in a very successful Europe and Israel trip.

Graduation Ceremony

One graduation ceremony may be held each year for graduates from all programs. We encourage students to invite family and friends. A collation is served following the ceremony.