CALENDAR 2017 – 2018

Fall, 2017

Thurs. June 1 Registration Opens
W-W Aug. 30-Sep. 6 Orientation
Thurs. Sep. 7 Classes Begin (All Programs)
W-F Sep. 20-22 Rosh Hashanah, no sessions
Fri. Sep. 29 Erev Yom Kippur, no sessions
Tue-M Oct. 3-16 Succot, no sessions
Th-M Dec.14-18 Chanuka, no sessions
Thurs. Dec. 21 Classes End (Judaic Studies)
Thurs. Dec.28 10th of Teves, no sessions
Tue. Jan. 9 Classes End (Accounting)

Spring, 2018

Fri. Dec 1 Registration Opens
Tue-M Dec. 19-25 Orientation (Judaic Studies)
Mon. Dec. 25 Classes Begin (Judaic Studies)
M-W Jan. 8-10 Orientation (Accounting)
Wed. Jan. 10 Classes Begin (Accounting)
W-F Feb. 28-Mar. 2 Purim, no sessions
Tue-M Mar. 20-Apr. 9 Passover, no sessions
Wed. April 25 Classes End (Judaic Studies)
Tue. May 15 Classes End (Accounting)

Summer, 2018

Sun. April 1 Registration Opens
Mn-Th April 23-26 Orientation (Judaic Studies)
Thurs. April 26 Classes Begin (Judaic Studies)
Sun-Th April 29-May 10 Israel Trip, no sessions
M-W May 14-May 16 Orientation (Accounting)
Wed. May 16 Classes Begin (Accounting)
Th-M May 17-21 Shavuoth, no sessions
Tue. June 26 Classes End (Judaic Studies)
Thurs. June 28 Classes End (Accounting)

Classes at Elyon College generally commence for the Fall Term during September – October, for the Spring Term during January – February, and for the Summer Term during May – June. These time frames for the start dates may vary. Classes are planned according to demand.

Special calendar accommodations may be made for students who observe certain religious holidays. Any changes to the class schedule will be announced in advance.