Business & Technology

BUS 101 Introduction to Business
Prerequisite: None
The organization and practices of business and industry are studied and analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the historical development, objectives, methods of operation, and the interrelationships of management, labor and government. New developments and trends are used as case studies in how change affects the total business environment.

CIS 101 Introduction to Computers
Prerequisite: None
Students will learn the terms and concepts of computer technology. They will have an extensive introduction to computer productivity tools – the operating system, the Internet, word processing, spreadsheets, and database. The students will also learn the social, legal, and historical impact of computer technology.

CIS 201 Office Suite Applications
Prerequisite: CIS 101
Students will gain proficiency using the major office packages [word processing, spreadsheets and database] so they will be able to take the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) exams at the expert level. By passing the certification exams at the expert level, the students will have demonstrated their expertise in these packages for future employers.

ENG 202 Business Communications
Prerequisite: ENG 201
This course presents common principles of communication and then applies those principles to business communication. The interrelationships among the creative, logical and critical aspects of business communication are explored. Projects include the construction of letters, memos, e-mail, corporate programs and reports. Oral as well as written communications are required, as students solve problems in business situations and then express themselves.

Seminars / Non-credit

CD 101 Career Development Seminar
Prerequisites: None
Students will learn how to successfully market themselves and obtain gainful employment. Subjects covered include the preparation of resumes, cover letters and interview techniques.

CR 101 Client Relations Seminar
Prerequisite: None
This seminar teaches students how to effectively provide courteous client service, the effects of client service on business success and how to deal with difficult client encounters.

INT 101 Community Service or Business Practicum 45 hours
Prerequisite: At least 15 credits toward Accounting and Business Technology AAS Degree
After successfully completing at least 15 credits of the program the student will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in a real work environment. The skills related to the subject matter courses will be observed in a business or not-for-profit setting.